Monday, 6 August 2012

JOUR1111 Lecture Week 3 - Text

This week’s lecture focused on the topic Text and was presented by guest speaker and journalist Syke Doherty. Apart from the obvious advantages of text – its fast, flexible, portable and dominates online; I was unaware of the sheer complete control one has when producing text, especially when comparing with sound and image media.

Another thing that I found particularly interesting is that the basic rules and structure for print media (e.g. Newspapers) is completely different to that of online news or social media. When looking at the Poynter Eye-tracker study it was found that in print media, the eye is more attracted to the images on print media whereas text catches the attention of online readers more then the images. Because of this, the layout for each type of media is slightly different.

The final aspect of text I would like to discuss was the use of hypertext in Journalism. Even though hypertext is a great way for online journalism to gain viewers, Syke Doherty claimed that Journalism has not exploited hypertext effectively. She pointed out that the links used on the sites are limited and restricted only to content on that specific site and very little linking to primary sources which results in lack of depth and thus limited views.

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