Sunday, 26 August 2012


I have a giant chip on my shoulder.
Why you ask? Well...

After waiting (impatiently) for months for the magnificent GRIMES to announce her Australian tour she finally did ANNNNNND that she was coming to Brisbane.(which never happens as Brisbane is a long way from being the musical hub of Australia)

Squealing with delight like a little girl at christmas, I raced to my facebook profile to ask someone to join me. However, while this was happening the tickets when on sale and sold out. bummer.

So here I am, crying my chubby eyes out while listening to oblivion on repeat. sigh.
In case you have not come across her glory here it is: 

If for some reason you refuse to watch this video (I have no idea what led you to think this is not awesome in it's finest form) then here are some pictures of heaven on earth. 


Magical right?

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