Sunday, 19 August 2012

I always thought Mia Wallace was an icon...

Last weekend my friend had a 'movie-character themed' birthday party, and let me tell you it was action-packed (see what I did there). However, despite the cliche house-party-couches-in-the-backyard-surrounding-a-bon-fire combo, (a cheesy setting that personally, I love) I left the party feeling very disappointed that nobody (except her parents) knew who I came dressed as! I'll give you a clue... she sports a black bob. Still not any warmer? How does the phrase 'I said God damn! God damn...' sound to you? Still nothing? She's great buddies with John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson...There you go - Its Mia Wallace! Unfortunately nobody else put that one together....I think I'm stuck in the wrong generation.
Here's the proof! Also Wolverine and an Elf were hanging out with me that night. 

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