Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Rubens - Album Review

 Fresh new band, The Rubens made up of 4 lads from NSW recently released their first self titled album and it is a sure-fire hit.


With their catchy tune 'My Gun' released earlier this year and sell out shows across Australia, there is no doubt that this band has immense talent and  will go far.

A mix of killer vocals, powerful drums and earthy guitar riffs, the album has the same distinctive Rubens' vibe in every song but despite this, each song stands on its own. It's one of those albums that you like next song as much as the previous, there are all good. With brass elements in 'Look Good, Feel Good' which add a little something, to songs like 'Elvis', which describe how great it is to be in love, to slow break-up ballads such as 'Lay it Down' and 'The Best We Never Had' which sends you straight back to your heartbreak, this albums has a song for everything and will revoke some memories. Perfect for a barbeque on the patio or just some easy listening, this album will not disappoint.

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