Thursday, 8 November 2012

My Favourite Entertainment Website

When it comes to news, apart from really important/crazy/unpredictable world affairs, I only really care for music news (if you haven't noticed already, I'm quite the music enthusiast, to say the least). So, when looking for tour dates, general pointless knowledge about musicians, tragedies and things of that nature, I have a few online news websites tailored to fulling my needs.

My personal favourite is PedestrianTV. Not only do they have general music news but subcategories such as: Music Festival News, Music Video News, Music Entertainment News and Music Reviews.

I really recommend it as the writing style is informative yet hilarious making news somewhat fun!

here's the link amigos! :

(p.s if music is not your thing they have movie news and heaps of other genres too!)

If you don't feel like 'searching' here's some snippets of the website...

Example Video Review:

Example Music News:

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